Color & Curiosity | Lifelong Learning

Color & Curiosity | Lifelong Learning

Color & Curiosity | Lifelong Learning
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Get Outside Your Comfort 'Known'

Who we are: Color & Curiosity is an inclusive platform that helps people tap into travel as an empathic & experiential lifelong learning tool and amplifies the stories of those who do it.

Skateboard park in Los Angeles.


We are a diverse collective of colorful souls. We come from varied journeys and backgrounds. We’re not afraid to let our genuine selves, thoughts and perspectives shine brightly.


Above all else, we aim to foster curiosity as a tool for lifelong learning and self-evolution. Our mission is to provide our audience with inspiration and resources to seek out new ideas, skills and experiences.

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Firstly – you are never too old to something new.
You are never too young, either.

From extracurriculars in grade school and high school jobs to college internships, hobbies, passions, professions, mentorship, networking, travel, and more – the world is rich with lifelong learning opportunities. Not only can lifelong learning create an ongoing sense of passion and purpose in one’s life; research suggests lifelong learning also has significant health benefits too.

An article from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley states that ‘the more education you have, or the more cognitively stimulating activity you engage in, the lower your risk of Alzheimers.'