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Samantha Keil postdoctoral research neuroscience Chicago

Samantha Keil: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Neuroscience

Samantha Keil is a postdoctoral research fellow in neuroscience, who lived most recently in Chicago but is transitioning to Seattle. She loves being a constant sponge of information, NPR podcasts and would go to Kyoto, Japan, a million more times. Read on to learn what gets her excited to wake up every day, and the one thing she wishes people would ask her.

Renee Watts: IT Help Desk Cyber Security

Renee Watts works in IT help desk cyber security and currently lives in Chicago. Read on to learn how she fostered her love of lifelong learning from a young age, why she loves what she does (especially malware removals – yes, the bad kind of software) and her favorite restaurant in the Second City!

Amina Frances: Writer, World-Traveler & Author

Amina Frances is a writer currently living in Switzerland and working on her first book. She’s worked in industries ranging from education and advertising to hospitality and even event planning. Read on to learn how she turned what she once considered a hobby into her full-time dream career and what coaxes her out of bed in the morning (hint: it’s not coffee!).
Desiree Argentina

Desiree Argentina: Social Worker, Screenwriter & Content Creator

Desiree Argentina is a school social worker, screenwriter, travel blogger at According to Des, podcaster AND she runs a cat rescue – phew! – in Denver, CO. Read on to learn how she taught herself screenwriting (and has credits on her IMDb page!) and the destination that has had the most impact on her life.
Jessa Lynn - petite blogger in Chicago

Jessa Lynn: SEO Specialist & Petite Blogger in Chicago

Jessa Lynn is an SEO specialist and petite blogger at Dollface Diaries living in Chicago. Read on to learn how she fell into this interesting mix of professions, the thing she’s going to teach herself next and why – and what her favorite place in all of Chicago is.
Anna Murphy of Chicago

Anna Murphy: Chicago Artist and Muralist

Anna Murphy is currently an artist and muralist living in Chicago. Read on as we dive into her journey, what makes her most excited to wake up every day, and some really strong advice for finding a mentor.
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