ESL teaching in South Korea with Nicole Rosenberg

Nicole R: ESL Teacher & TeachOutNow Cofounder

Nicole Rosenberg is currently an ESL (English as a second language) teacher in Busan, South Korea, entrepreneur, TeachOutNow ESL counseling organization cofounder and aspiring international student affairs professional. She’s passionate about exploring, maintaining her independence and staying curious, as well as meeting people from all over the world. Read on to learn about her challenges finding a job during the COVID recession, becoming an ESL teacher (despite limited support from her family), where she’s traveled she’s learned the most, and the best thing she’s taught herself!
Angela Aaron, founder & CEO of NiceSeats

Angela Aaron: NiceSeats Founder & CEO

Angela Aaron began her journey in retail and ended up living in Prague as the fashion editor for Czech Esquire magazine. She fell deeper in love with fashion and design when she went back to Los Angeles and began working as a stylist, which gave way to a ‘big break’ into costume design – for a Pitbull music video and Cirque Du Soleil, no less! Now she’s the founder and CEO of NiceSeats, a company that creates stylish, washable seat covers for travel along with other stylish accessories to stay safe and healthy. Read on for more details about her journey, her favorite spot in LA (and a funny anecdote) as well as the travel destination that’s taught her the most!
Maggie O'Reilly, founder and owner of MAYTA Collection

Maggie O’Reilly: MAYTA Collection Founder & Owner

Maggie O’Reilly is the founder and owner of MAYTA Collection - a boutique ethical fashion brand inspired by a love of travel, culture, and tradition. She is also an entrepreneur, meeting and event planner, mother, wife, travel lover and a LOT more living in Chicago. Read her interview to learn how Latin America stole her heart and stoked her love of exploration, how she balances running a business with a job (and kids!) and her favorite way to learn/explore while traveling.
Mikhaela Mullins of Odessa Collective in Colorado

Mikhaela Mullins: Co-Founder of Odessa Collective

Mikhaela Mullins is one of the two co-founders of Odessa Collective, an inclusive community of outdoorswomxn headquartered in Colorado. Read to learn more about her journey to founding an outdoor group, the challenges she’s faced and how she overcame them, her favorite ongoing learning resources and her favorite place she’s ever been – and why it stands out!
Carlie Bangs and Mikhaela Mullins of Odessa Collective

Carlie Bangs: Co-Founder of Odessa Collective

Carlie Bangs is one of the two co-founders of Odessa Collective, an inclusive community of outdoorswomxn headquartered in Colorado. Read on for some wonderful advice from Carlie, her favorite resources for ongoing learning and inspiration, learn which of her trips she’s learned the most from and what she wants to learn next!
Pulse Athletic Apparel founder Karishma Bali

Karishma Bali: Founder of Pulse Athletic Apparel

Karishma Bali is a Chicagoland native passionate about fitness – especially running – with a tri-city master’s in global entrepreneurial management as well as a master’s in biology. She launched Pulse Athletic Apparel through the spark of her love of running – a constant in the dynamism of life. Read on to learn more about her wins and challenges, how travel has played a role, and which destination has taught her the most!
- Gively Studio founded by Alexandra Pourvali

Alexandra Pourvali: Gively Studio Founder & Illustrator

Alexandra Pourvali is an illustrator by training, designer and entrepreneur focused on womxn’s holistic wellness, and founder of Gively Studio, living in California. A role as an RA in college (at the Rhode Island School of Design – RISD) bolstered her passion to champion female entrepreneurship and collaboration – and so she founded Gively Studio, a space for community, creativity and wellness for womxn. Read on as she shares her experience navigating the uncertain landscape of COVID as a new graduate and entrepreneur, some seriously sage advice for doing life, and her favorite resources and travel memories.
Bethini 'Syx' Williams - musician, data analyst and product management

Bethini ‘Syx’ Williams: Data Analyst, Product Management & Singer/Songwriter

Bethini ‘Syx’ Williams is a data analyst, product manager, singer/songwriter and all-around creative who has worked in non-profit, photography, education, business analytics and is constantly learning. Read her inspiring interview to learn how she got into data analytics and product management, her best advice for working with a mentor, what she learned in Accra, Ghana (and her other favorite travel memory), plus where you can listen to her music!