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ESL teaching in South Korea with Nicole Rosenberg

Nicole R: ESL Teacher & TeachOutNow Cofounder

Nicole Rosenberg is currently an ESL (English as a second language) teacher in Busan, South Korea, entrepreneur, TeachOutNow ESL counseling organization cofounder and aspiring international student affairs professional. She’s passionate about exploring, maintaining her independence and staying curious, as well as meeting people from all over the world. Read on to learn about her challenges finding a job during the COVID recession, becoming an ESL teacher (despite limited support from her family), where she’s traveled she’s learned the most, and the best thing she’s taught herself!
Angela Aaron, founder & CEO of NiceSeats

Angela Aaron: NiceSeats Founder & CEO

Angela Aaron began her journey in retail and ended up living in Prague as the fashion editor for Czech Esquire magazine. She fell deeper in love with fashion and design when she went back to Los Angeles and began working as a stylist, which gave way to a ‘big break’ into costume design – for a Pitbull music video and Cirque Du Soleil, no less! Now she’s the founder and CEO of NiceSeats, a company that creates stylish, washable seat covers for travel along with other stylish accessories to stay safe and healthy. Read on for more details about her journey, her favorite spot in LA (and a funny anecdote) as well as the travel destination that’s taught her the most!
Brooke Eben Travel Blogger Safiri Love, Engineer and Real Estate

Brooke Eben: Engineer, Travel Blogger & Real Estate Developer

Brooke Eben is an engineer, a wife, mother, travel blogger and real estate developer living in Houston, Texas. In addition to completing her MBA, evolving her professional career and foraying into real estate development as a pure passion project, she still finds time to make use of every single second of the 3.5 weeks of vacation she gets a year. Read this inspiring interview to learn how she learned to deal with failure and the lessons failure has taught her, advice for working with a mentor, and the one place in the world that not only is her favorite travel memory, but also has taught her the most.

Megan Snedden: Creator, Traveler & Founder of The Kind Effect

Megan Snedden began her career as a journalist in New York City. She is currently a creator, writing and shooting photos and videos for brands, as well as building the Kind Effect – an acts of kindness movement and video series. Realizing the need for perpetuating hope in humanity, she shares content meant to inspire and additionally partners with brands such as Chevrolet, Amazing Thailand, Kind Traveler, Alaska Airlines and the Greatness Foundation to spread hope and kindness in the world.