Megan Zink astrophotography

Meet the Founder

Megan Zink photographer and founder of Color & Curiosity.


is a content marketer and creative mind passionate about ongoing education, data-supported storytelling and visual communication. As the senior content marketing manager at Chicago SaaS company ReviewTrackers, she managers a team responsible for content, conversion and lead gen initiatives. She also oversees creative implementation and how content impacts the customer journey. She is a published photographer, writer and public speaker (and Second City program alum).

She has been fortunate to travel since she was young and believes it is one of the best teachers for lifelong learning there is. You can usually find her learning something new (like astrophotography - self-portrait above!) or outdoors, hiking, rollerblading, running or doing yoga, and she loves exploring different cultures through food and art.


With a background in journalism, over 7 years in the marketing industry, and 15+ years of digital and darkroom photography experience, Megan loves helping elevate others' voices, through interviews, editorial and creative endeavors.

Color & Curiosity is not only a platform to share others' stories, but a destination for those who want to foster their sense of curiosity and ongoing learning through guides, media and other outlets.