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We put together a gigantic master list of online learning platforms and digital resources that are free and paid to help spark your sense of curiosity – especially in the areas of technology, creative pursuits and travel.

Each of these online learning platforms has been researched (though, we are always open to feedback and more first-hand accounts) and this table provides a comprehensive list so you can easily discover a new way to learn, no matter what your interest or investment level. Know of some online learning platforms missing from this list? Feel free to let us know! PS: we tried to keep it alphabetized… until we started adding more platforms. Then it all went out the window!

*Please note: Creative Live & SkillShare are affiliate links – if you end up signing up for a class, we may received a little ca$h money. Thank you for helping sustain Color & Curiosity so we can keep bringing you inspiration and resources!

The Online Learning Platforms

PlatformSummaryFree/Paid/Both$$TechCreativeTravelClass Examples
AlisonAlison offers certificate programs, diploma courses and learning paths on a variety of topics – especially technology, science, math and marketing, along with specific job-focused courses.FreeFree – you just need to make an accountXDigital Network Security, Facebook Ads for Beginners
Chicago DetoursHyperlocal culture and historical curiosities tour company in Chicago.
Class CentralAn aggregation of online free and paid courses from all over the internet with the goal of encouraging learning,BothPrimarily free classes (or free to audit) as well as paidXXHow to Make a Comic Book, Text Mining and Analytics
CodecadamySite focused on teaching digital skills and building ‘the education the world needs’ -net native education through engaging experiences rather than traditional classroom practicesBothBasic limited free account; under $20 monthlyXPython, Data Visualization, Web Design
CoursehorseA marketplace that helps people discover and enroll in local classes, with a focus on New York, LA and Chicago (but there are lots of virtual/digital classes too). Rewards program with 5% back in rewards on every dollar spent on classes.PaidPer ClassXXVirtual Digital Photography, Blockchain 101
CourseraA collection of free and paid courses from some of the top instructors and professors from companies and universities. Professional certificates, specializations, online degrees and other options available.BothFree library; under $40 for more in-depth learningXBioinformatics for Beginners, Brand Management
Creative LiveFree live online creative classes in art, design, photography, crafting and other topics. Additional paid on-demand options.BothFree classes when they’re live-streamed, paid options on-demandXXPodcasting for Crafters and Makers, The Art of the Interview
EdXA collection of online courses from top universities like Georgetown, Dartmouth, Harvard – both limited free options and paid options. Also a big focus on Adobe programs and training.BothBasic free classes, paid classes ranging fromXXAnalyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, Public Speaking
FutureLearnA community that focuses on courses in specific subject, short courses for learning new skills, microcredentials, and other online resources with both paid and free classes.BothXXLearn to Code for the Web, Antiquities Tracking and Art Crime
General AssemblyAn ongoing learning platform with a huge community of over 20 campuses, 10,000+ hiring partners and tons of full and part-time courses. There are also free offerings and resources like webinars and other tools.BothFree livestreams, online courses run at varied prices ($$$)XXIntro to UX, Digital Marketing, Photoshop Bootcamp
Girls Love TravelA digital global community for active and aspiring travelers of over 900,000 members – and a VERY active Facebook group. Great for asking travel planning and content creation questions!Freeno classes, free resourcesXN/A
LinkedIn LearningPlatform that partners with LinkedIn and focuses on courses in business, marketing, creative, tech and other areas.Paid + Free TrialFree month trial; under $30 monthlyXXFigure Drawing, Digital Strategy, HTML Essentials
Matador NetworkMatador Network is a great travel community that features tons of travel guides, vidoes, contribution opportunities and other community and networking resources.FreeNo classes, free resourcesXN/A
MediaBistroA comprehensive online community that features a job board for creatives, editorial resources, classes in creative fields and other resources.BothFree basic classes, 14-day free trial for MB Unlimited, or under $15 monthlyXXIntro to Storytelling, Website Redesign for Marketers
MOZA comprehensive SEO platform with paid tools, free resources and other tools to help you learn about SEO.BothMOZ Academy is paid, advanced software tooI is also paid, SEO learning center is freeXN/A
PluralsightA tech skill-focused platform that helps businesses and individuals upskill to create progress through technology.Paid + Free Trial10 day free trial; under $30 monthlyXJavaScript, C#, Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
Search Engine JournalA really comprehensive platform for everything SEO-focused, including newsletters, podcasts, free webinars and conferences.FreeN/AXN/A
Sidewalker DailyA travel marketing consulting agency that not only runs campaigns for brands but also works with influencers and content creators to coach them on all the different aspects of the travel business.BothFree resources, webinars, etc.; paid coaching sessionsXXPitch as a Micro-Influencer, Create a Social Media Report
SkiftA research-based travel community that offers newsletters, webinars, livestreams, panels and other resources.FreeNo classes, free resourcesXAirbnb CEO Keynote, Travel’s Path Forward – Travel PR
SkillShareAn online learning community that focuses on inspiring people to get creative with free and paid classes on topics like illustration, video, freelancing and others.FreeFreeXXWrite a Persuasive Essay, Fundamentals of Google Analytics
TBEXThe largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, journalists, content creators, travel brands and more – plus an online platform, digital community and more.FreeNo classes, free resourcesXN/A
TBO AcademyA platform that provides free online courses for the travel/tourism industry.FreeNo classes, free resourcesXDigital Marketing, Pricing Journeys
TogetHER DigitalDigital networking platform – membership gives you access to networking opportunities, knowledge hub, webinars and panels, and other resources.PaidN/AXXN/A
Travel MassiveA community focusing on events, a global chapter network, webinars, a newsletter, job marketplace and more for travel industry founders and creators.Freeno classes, free resourcesXXReinvent Your Business Using Social Media, How to Start a Podcast
UdacityA flexible digital education platform (also for-profit institution) that focuses on technology to assist learners in career preparation (more focused on deep learning than Udemy).Paid + Free TrialOne month free trial; under $300 per monthXIntro to Machine Learning, Digital Marketing
UdemyAn open-course platform focused on tech, marketing and multimedia classes. Subject matter experts can also tech/list instructional videos for payment.PaidXXIntro to Music Production, Web and Software Development
WanderfulWhat started as a women’s homesharing network turned into a community for travelers to connect and learn. Membership is paid but there are also free meetups, webinars, a newsletter and other resources.FreeNo classes, free resourcesXXN/A
Khan AcademyLooks small and mighty (mostly geared toward a younger audience) but an amazing resource for stats knowledge, computer programming and data science classes!FreeFreeX
a master list of online learning platforms for all your upskilling needs
The master list of online learning platforms in technology, travel and creative you never knew you needed. Image courtesy of Pexels.

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