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Sojourner White - travel blogger and journalist, writer at The Sojournies

Wider Worldview: Unpacking Privilege in Travel with Sojourner White of The Sojournies

Sojourner White of the Sojournies is an international social worker, a Fulbright alum, has lived and worked abroad in Spain, and is a travel blogger and educator. Her work’s been featured in Buzzfeed, Fodor’s Travel, Blavity, Thrillist and many others. Read on to learn about different types of privilege in travel, different travel perspectives and how to travel more consciously.
Responsible travel with Cait Bagby of World Threads Traveler and Climate Collab

Wider Worldview: Responsible Travel Made Easier with Cait Bagby of World Threads Traveler

Cait Bagby is the host of Climate Collab, owner of Long Hill Farm, and founder/editor of World Threads Traveler - a site dedicated to sustainable fashion, conscious living, responsible travel and eco education. Read on to learn tips for planning travel responsibly and sustainably, plus some of Cait’s favorite apps, websites and resources to make it easier (and even rewarding with perks!).
How to take night shots - astrophotography 101

How to Take Night Sky Photos and Where to Do It: Astrophotography 101

Ever wondered how to take night sky photos – also commonly known as ‘astrophotography’? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been practicing dark room and digital photography over the past 18 years and decided I wanted to explore a new (space) frontier. I’ve been fascinated by gorgeous photos of the Milky Way and figured I may as well give it a shot (pun slightly intended, ha!). Here are tips for how to take night sky photos - astrophotography 101!
- Gively Studio founded by Alexandra Pourvali

Alexandra Pourvali: Gively Studio Founder & Illustrator

Alexandra Pourvali is an illustrator by training, designer and entrepreneur focused on womxn’s holistic wellness, and founder of Gively Studio, living in California. A role as an RA in college (at the Rhode Island School of Design – RISD) bolstered her passion to champion female entrepreneurship and collaboration – and so she founded Gively Studio, a space for community, creativity and wellness for womxn. Read on as she shares her experience navigating the uncertain landscape of COVID as a new graduate and entrepreneur, some seriously sage advice for doing life, and her favorite resources and travel memories.
Bethini 'Syx' Williams - musician, data analyst and product management

Bethini ‘Syx’ Williams: Data Analyst, Product Management & Singer/Songwriter

Bethini ‘Syx’ Williams is a data analyst, product manager, singer/songwriter and all-around creative who has worked in non-profit, photography, education, business analytics and is constantly learning. Read her inspiring interview to learn how she got into data analytics and product management, her best advice for working with a mentor, what she learned in Accra, Ghana (and her other favorite travel memory), plus where you can listen to her music!
Amy Giddon tech entrepreneur and cofounder, CEO of Daily Haloha

Amy Giddon: Cofounder & CEO of Empathy-Building App Daily Haloha

Amy Giddon is the cofounder and CEO of collaborative media and empathy-building app, Daily Haloha. Coming from a career in management consulting, Amy recognized our relationships at work and in our lives affect our sense of belonging and well-being – and that this social wellness was increasingly strained by polarization and social media. Read on to learn how she became an entrepreneur after 50 and launched her business, the best thing she’s ever taught herself (it’s a good one) and the one place in the world that is not only her favorite, but that taught her the most too.
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