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Chicago Detours Amanda Scotese on Wider Worldview podcast on Fireside with Megan Zink

Wider Worldview: Chicago Detours Founder & Executive Director Amanda Scotese on Exploring Your Own Backyard

Chicago Detours founder & executive director Amanda Scotese has lived abroad, worked for Rick Steve’s Europe, and thinks Chicago is one of the greatest cities on earth. She’s been featured in NPR, USA Today, Thrillist and the Chicago Tribune. Read on for her tips on traveling locally and REALLY exploring your own backyard!
Maggie O'Reilly, founder and owner of MAYTA Collection

Maggie O’Reilly: MAYTA Collection Founder & Owner

Maggie O’Reilly is the founder and owner of MAYTA Collection - a boutique ethical fashion brand inspired by a love of travel, culture, and tradition. She is also an entrepreneur, meeting and event planner, mother, wife, travel lover and a LOT more living in Chicago. Read her interview to learn how Latin America stole her heart and stoked her love of exploration, how she balances running a business with a job (and kids!) and her favorite way to learn/explore while traveling.
Pulse Athletic Apparel founder Karishma Bali

Karishma Bali: Founder of Pulse Athletic Apparel

Karishma Bali is a Chicagoland native passionate about fitness – especially running – with a tri-city master’s in global entrepreneurial management as well as a master’s in biology. She launched Pulse Athletic Apparel through the spark of her love of running – a constant in the dynamism of life. Read on to learn more about her wins and challenges, how travel has played a role, and which destination has taught her the most!
Bethini 'Syx' Williams - musician, data analyst and product management

Bethini ‘Syx’ Williams: Data Analyst, Product Management & Singer/Songwriter

Bethini ‘Syx’ Williams is a data analyst, product manager, singer/songwriter and all-around creative who has worked in non-profit, photography, education, business analytics and is constantly learning. Read her inspiring interview to learn how she got into data analytics and product management, her best advice for working with a mentor, what she learned in Accra, Ghana (and her other favorite travel memory), plus where you can listen to her music!

Weslie Iza: Product Specialist, Travel Enthusiast & Jack of All Trades

Weslie Iza is a jack of all trades who works as a product specialist at a SaaS in Chicago and lives in Uptown. She’s had an untraditional (and exciting) journey; studying abroad in Kenya, beginning her post-collegiate journey as a marketing strategist before teaching ESL in Bangkok, working for the Kellogg School of Management and then completing a 6-month full-stack coding boot camp before transitioning into AdTech/MarTech. Read on to learn the best thing she’s ever taught herself, where she’s traveled she feels she’s learned the most, and what gets her out of bed every day.
Terilyn Eisenhauer - Costa Rica

Terilyn Eisenhauer: Theater Artist, Tarot Reader, Traveler & People Operations

Terilyn Eisenhauer is a theater artist, tarot reader, travel enthusiast and works in people operations at a startup in Chicago. At 17, the death of her mother catapulted her into ‘living a full and juicy existence’, with the goal of making art from all facets of her life. Read on to learn the most important thing she’s taught herself, some of her favorite go-to resources for online learning, and the travel destination she feels she’s learned the most from and why!
Sunset selfie Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Katharine Haring Photographer in Chicago

Katharine Haring: Administrative Assistant & Photographer

Katharine Haring is a photographer and administrative assistant at Shark Shredding Inc. living in Tinley Park, IL – she never thought she’d be photographing portraits, but she loves working with people, learning their stories and capturing their memories. Read on to learn the major life lessons two life-threatening health events taught her first-hand, why Germany is her favorite place and the next thing she’s going to teach herself!
Portrait of Jenny Vyas by David Sabat

Jenny Vyas: Artist & Muralist in Chicago

Jenny Vyas is an artist and muralist who came from a background of eCommerce (even managing eCommerce at The Oprah Store at Harpo!) and now creates paintings, commissions and works throughout Chicago focused on the beauty in complex human emotions and human condition. She recommends everyone read The Alchemist (more on how she regularly weaves it into her life below) and loves traveling. Read on to learn the destination she’s learned the most from, a time she "threw herself in the deep end and figured it out", and the one thing she wishes people would ask her more about.
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