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Dr. Margaret Rutherford psychologist on doing scary things like travel on the Wider Worldview podcast on Fireside

Wider Worldview: How to Overcome Roadblocks & Do Scary Stuff (Like Travel) with Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Color & Curiosity founder & CCO Megan Zink interviewed Dr. Margaret Rutherford - psychologist, author, blogger, podcaster and educator. She’s been practicing for over 26 years, her work has been featured in Huffpost, Psychology Today, the Gottman Relationship blog, StigmaFighters, Better After 50, Lewis Howes' podcast and many other outlets. Read on for tips on overcoming the fear of the unknown and doing new/scary things - like travel!
Chocolate Johnny on Wider Worldview on Fireside

Wider Worldview: Travel the World Via Chocolate with ‘Chocolate Johnny’ John Kapos of Sydney’s Perfection Chocolates

Chocolate Johnny - aka John Kapos - shares his experience and tips running the family business, Perfection Chocolates, in Rose Bay, Sydney, Australia, and balancing it all with being an online trailblazer, live video aficionado, educator and so many other things. Read on to learn some tips for finding the best chocolate around the world and inspiration to learn something new.
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