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Color & Curiosity: Women in Tech

Women in tech: what does that mean? Well, for starters, it can mean a LOT of things. You could be in a STEM field. Or you could work at a company that is in the technology industry. Really, being a womxn in tech means that you are passionate about your field of work. Often times the technology field can come off as ‘out there’ or aloof to some people. But here at Color & Curiosity, it is an indicator that you a lifelong learner who is fascinated with the way things work. The WHY of things. Asking questions. And technology is rapidly evolving.

Like it or not, tech will be shaping our world and the way we live and interact in it increasingly as time goes by, because it is human nature to create and optimize and do better (better medicine, better healthcare, better ways to communicate with loved ones – all of it. And it should be stated that ‘women in tech’ isn’t necessarily a thing to celebrate – it’s a movement to get more womxn into the industries that shape our world so that it is the NORM – not the exception.

Below is a master list of our best women in tech stories to help inspire and motivate those of you who may be interested in dipping a toe into tech, or even to foster growth for those of you that are already in the field. Check out their stories, how they got into their fields, what inspires them to get out of bed every day, the most important thing they’ve taught themselves, favorite resources for lifelong learning, and more! Want to check out our master list of all the best online learning platforms to up-skill as a women in tech, creative or travel? Head over to this post. Curious to see more women in tech quotes for a little kick in the pants? Head over here!

Quote from one of the many women in tech profiled on Color & Curiosity, Jessa Lynn