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Megan Snedden: Creator, Traveler & Founder of The Kind Effect

Megan Snedden began her career as a journalist in New York City. She is currently a creator, writing and shooting photos and videos for brands, as well as building the Kind Effect – an acts of kindness movement and video series. Realizing the need for perpetuating hope in humanity, she shares content meant to inspire and additionally partners with brands such as Chevrolet, Amazing Thailand, Kind Traveler, Alaska Airlines and the Greatness Foundation to spread hope and kindness in the world.
Founder of Font Femme Magazine Ariana Pineda

Ariana Pineda: Founder & Executive Director at Font Femme STEM-Focused Magazine

Ariana Pineda is the founder and executive director at STEM-focused Font Femme magazine living in Los Angeles. She is passionate about promoting change in her community, her favorite resource for ongoing learning is YouTube and she wants to teach herself pottery and ceramics next. Read on to learn how she launched a publication during a pandemic and her favorite spot in LA!
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